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  1. I JwinIL14 (you can call him John in your quilt messages) is a gentle man of great humor who is well beloved in the Pootie Peeps and other community groups.  He is getting ready for surgery for lung cancer on Sept. 26 — and I and my sister are doing our best to get him a community quilt to take with him to the hospital.

    Messages are complete but we are still short $274 in funding for this quilt (I will keep thesis number updated).


  2. It is always hard to see people we love go through something hard and extremely painful.  A well known visitor to the Pootie diaries and very good friend to many here, jwinIL14, has just been diagnosed with lung cancer.  He is scheduled to have surgery on Sept. 25, certain tests allowing.  He is hoping they will have to remove less tissue rather than more… Regardless, it will be a very major surgery.

    Let’s make jwin14IL a colorful blanket full of loving messages that he can take with him to the hospital, something to remind him of how many people

  3. Thanks to everybody who so kindly donated to Ann’s GoFundMe campaign, she will be able to pay off her debt in full later this month and the bankruptcy court won’t be forcing the sale of our house, affectionately known as Catnip Manor.  The sense of relief in these parts is palpable — we can’t thank our kind community enough! 

    Thank you!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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