When you buy a Pootie Pad, you help
support the Community Quilt Project.
  • Full of Organic American Catnip

    Full of Organic American Catnip

  • Pootie Pads Store

    Pootie Pads Store

  • Pootie Pads Are Small Quilts For Cats

    Pootie Pads Are Small Quilts For Cats

  • MiMi looks great on green!

Pootie Pad Party on Daily Kos

A group for people who have Pootie Pads -- or who enjoy pootie pictures.
  1. Holidays can be stressful for everyone, including the family pets.  Pootie Pads, little quilts full of organic herbs are one way for animals to de-stress.

    For cats, we have the original Pootie Pad, filled with Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Catnip.  And for extra stress, the Pootie Peace Pad, catnip with the addition of a bit of organic lavender.

    For dogs, Pootie Pads for Pooches contain lavender and thyme.

    Pootie Pads are a small business, started right here on Daily Kos from within the daily pootie diaries.  When you buy Pootie Pads, you help support the sisters who make Community Quilts.  We are a member of the Kos Katalogue.

    More info below the fold and links for purchasing...

  2. It’s the time of year when nights are long and cold, traditionally a time of thinking of others.  And not just for practical things — sometimes little thoughtful gifts are a wonderful thing for lifting the spirit.

    Here on Daily Kos, we have a lot of small business people and artisans, many of whom you can find on the Kos Katalogue.  And I think a lot of them will do Secret Santa!  I know Ann and I do.  I am starting a list, right here — please note in the comments if you have additions — or send me a Kos mail message.  And, if you are a vendor, please feel free to add your own listings in the comments, too!  I figure, just putting ideas out into the Universe might give them a shot at actually materializing.  Why not?

    Secret Santa list for Pootie Pads

    Maureen Mower (two original Pootie Pads for cats)

    michelewln (one original Pootie Pad for Ms. Pixie)

    swampyankee (two original Pootie Pads)

    Horsefeathers (three original Pootie Pads — because the kitties have grown!)

    Chrislove (catnip trees)

    Mopshell (a Pootie Pad if she can keep the kitty who found her!)

    kos mail me if you would like to send any of these...

    Secret Santa list for other stuff

    (these are my own ideas — feel free to make corrections, edits, additions!)

    swampyankee — Amazon gift cards to use for Kindle content, send to jennifercirino at sbcglobal dot net

    BFSkinner — Amazon gift cards (and I think he has an Amazon wish list, as well) — send to houstonbfskinner at netscape dot net

    The Marti — A Kindle (no she doesn’t have one and she does so much for us all!)

    ZenTrainer — a Vitamix blender (this is something I know she could really use for her health and can’t afford herself — maybe a group effort?

    slksfca — a darling canine companion of his choice

    Thoughts beyond the holiday season…

    Probably in late March, Gordon20024 will be delivering quilts, handmade hats and scarves, teddy bears, and books to the Salem, Virginia VA Hospital.  If you quilt, knit, crochet, or have a pile of used books, please think of sending gifts to him for the veterans who are in the hospital.  And remember, gifts to the VA are tax deductible!  Click here for pictures and more info on the DK VA Hospital Service Project.


    As always, this is an open thread for pet lovers and friends.  Feel free to share your day and your pet pictures.

  3. Ann and I thank everyone who has helped us toward meeting our needs for November (always the hardest month of every year for us).  Every bill has been paid now with the exception of the property tax bill, which is the whopper. It is due on 11/15.  We are only $1350$746 $611 $470 $195away from our goal now.  This assures the living and work space for two people for the next year.  If you can help us, we would be so grateful.

    How You Can Help

    Donate to the Community Quilt Project through this PayPal link or send PayPal to:

    hairbraider33 AT yahoo DOT com — or message me for an address to send a check

    Buy a seasonal table runner or candle pad!  They are made with cotton fabric and cotton batting.  Pictures and prices below — price includes domestic shipping.  These make beautiful hostess gifts for the holidays.

    To buy one or more, Kos mail me or tell me in the comments what you would like.  I can then send you a PayPal invoice or our address for a check.

    Sign Mopshell’s petition to get Pootie Pads on the Ellen Show.  If it succeeds, this is the kind of miracle that would change our lives for the better in the blink of an eye!

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